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To live in Athens, Ga. means absorbing an unparalleled music scene. As any former or current resident knows, there are few such places in America. Any night of the week, an Athens local or University of Georgia Bullgog is privy a bevy of talent.

Tons of artists got their start in this Southern college town: R.E.M, The B-52s, The Whigs, Modern Skirts, John Mayer (his first major video “No Such Thing” was filmed at The Georgia Theatre), and Jump Little Children.

My top favorite bands I saw perform in Athens include the following artists:

TV on the Radio
Drive By Truckers
Coolio (he was wasted at a PKA party)
The Whigs
Dean Dollar
Alison Weiss (she’s not famous…yet)
Sister Hazel
Modern Skirts
Better Than Ezra (Angie Aparo opened)

Undoubtedly, the winner was the final concert Jump performed at the Athens Theatre before the band called it quits in 2006.

After listening to Jump’s radio station on Pandora it becomes clear there really is no band one can compare to Jump, Little Children. The other artists Pandora summons included Better Than Ezra, Matt Nathansom, John Mayer, Jason Mraz and (much to my surprise) The Beatles. Seriously? The Beatles? Granted the influences are similar (use of strings, meaningful melodic lyrics, etc.) but one wouldn’t initially think to place Jump, Little Children in the same musical hierarchy as The Beatles.

Though they should.

Jump’s demise can be attributed to the fact they were just too damn good for the masses. This band of rogues was ahead of their time. Or maybe belonged somewhere in history with The Beatles. Regardless, Jump’s music is timeless. Listening to the more poppy “Magazine” compared to the later “Mexico” then my all time favorite love song “Cathedrals” one can hear how the band was able to move effortlessly between styles and sounds.

Goodness we miss them.

It’s sad to know Jump won’t be making collective ballads anymore. After missing them for four years, their fans are sincerely hoping for a reunion tour.

3 Responses to “Reviving Jump Little Children”

  1. Adam

    Hi Lauren!

    I am a J,LC fan from Athens, too. A few of us Jump fans have a plan to gather in Charleston this fall for one night of listening to talented Jump fans play Jump covers. We’ve hoped for a reunion tour for too long and we want to show Jump and Jump fans that we’re still moved by their music and miss them.

    It’s a crazy idea that still needs some working on, but I’m trying to put out my feelers to “test the temperature,” as it were, to see if something like this could actually happen.

    What do you think?

  2. Shaun

    Just ran across this post and wanted to restart the idea if it hasn’t already. I’m also in Charleston and Jump is one of my all time favorite bands. A night of Jump covers would be an awesome event. Count me in. Anyone else?


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