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Alabama: it’s a great state celebrating its own quirky goodness. Nothing exemplifies the good ole Bama nation like Bates House of Turkey.

This haven of turkey treats is always a true delight. They offer everything including BBQ Turkey, Roasted Sliced Turkey, and the Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich. The taste is just like the food from Grammy’s kitchen.

Our feature photo of the Turkey Salad Plate consisting of a generous scoop of homemade turkey salad, hard-boiled egg, wedge of cheddar cheese, carrot, pickle and two servings of fruit. This meal will hold you over from ten in the morning until a late supper!

If your tummy still has room, spring for a piece of pecan pie to end your meal. Should you need the restroom, look for the sign “Roost Area”…so cute!

Ultimately this place beats the pants off most fast food you’ll find while road tripping. If you’re looking for a good home-cooked meal while cruising through Alabama, y’all have got to stop at Bates House of Turkey.

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  1. Michelle Sloane

    Thanks so much for the nice article. We depend on good word of mouth, that is what has kept us going for the last 41 years. We have been a must stop for beach goers for years, thanks to people like you maybe we will pick up some new business and they will make us a vacation tradition. We are Exit 130 off of I-65 in Greenville Alabama. Look for the sign “Be the Host with the Most and take a Bates Sliced Hickory Smoked Turkey” and remember our motto “Eat Turkey,Feel Perky” Hope to see you soon!

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