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September 2011 archive

Bow Tie History 101

Bow ties are everywhere. Check the logo on the Playboy bunny or an old can of Budweiser, this simple accessory denotes an essence of elevated style. Warren St. John, a writer for the New York Times once wrote “To its devotees the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort, a fusty adherence to a contrarian point of view. The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie. Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.”

In honor of High Cotton Ties 2011 Fall line, Pretty Southern presents to you Bow Tie History 101. The next time someone asks you gentlemen “Why do you wear a bow tie?” y’all can reply with the following historical lesson. Bow Ties were originally worn by French aristocrats and called “cravats”. This fashion flourished in the 1800s around the time France was investing in the newly formed United States of America.

Wealthy gents in Charleston and New Orleans quickly adopted this style to show they were just as intelligent as their French business partners. Plus they looked damn fine. High Cotton Ties has taken this style and colors fit for every collegiate occasion. North Carolina has got shades of blue for Duke, UNC and that other state school. Georgia Dawgs there are multiple bright red ties in different patterns so you won’t have to wear the same bow tie to every game (unless its a good luck charms). High Cotton ties has a bow tie for every school in the South. Check them out here and be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Pretty Southern Family

Living in the South is about family, food and fun. We’ve focused a lot of Pretty Southern towards the fun and food aspects so for today’s post we’re focusing on family…one family in particular. The beautiful Bittner family and their amazing photo shoot at Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, Ga.

The Bitner family at Watson Mill Bridge State Park

These lovely images were captured by the Blume Photography husband & wife team of Phillip and Eileen Blume. Perhaps being family, the Blume’s know how to get those amazing shots every mom and dad wants of their kids. These glowing images will remind the Bittner family of the love they shared on this day for years to come.

Beautiful Southern Bride

There’s something so perfect about old trees in the South. It’s almost as if the oaks draped in Spanish moss contain the history of the South herself. Deep roots dive down into Southern soil almost three times longer than the towering limbs. This image taken by Blume Photography of Megan on her wedding day in Winder, Ga., captures the moments leading up to her marriage. This beautiful bride, sitting on a swing beneath these wonderful arbors, is another auspicious milestone in great Southern love stories.

Poetic Paws for Puppy Pals

We all know Southern girls have the best sense of style. Ladies love fashion and cute accessories. Now our style can be shared with girls’ best friend: her dog, all thanks to Poetic Paws.

Poetic Paws is a line of novelty dog accessories inspired by the colorful and individual spirit of Poetic Licence, the British-influenced whimsical and eclectic footwear brand. These shoes are nothing short of fun, sassy, and the Poetic Paws collars are styled to mirror the key elements of the shoes. You and your fur baby can match! Putting a Poetic Paws collar on your pip is a sure fire way to get those heads turning in a good way.

The "Bunnie" collar

The line was dreamed up by the women of Poetic Licence who not only share an obvious common love of shoes, but a deep devotion for dogs. Poetic Paws doesn’t just further fashion; its mission is also to make a difference eliminating the amount of abused, neglected and homeless pets while also improving the misunderstanding to bully breeds. That’s why the brand partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, which is striving to end animal euthanasia in the United States and bring about a time where there are no more homeless animals.

The "Shirley Temple" collar

Poetic Paws has teamed up with amazing sponsors and retailers in Chicago to host Heels & Tails, a unique charitable fashion event supporting Best Friends Animal Society and Safe Humane Chicago.

Taking place on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 7pm at Salvage One in Chicago, the fashion show will provide a glimpse at the upcoming shoe and collar collections for fall. The unforgettable night will be filled with fashion, music, art, dancing, food and drinks. General admission and VIP tickets can be purchased here. For more information, check out Poetic Licence and Poetic Paws. If you’re going to be in Chi-town next week, why not enjoy a night on the town for a good cause? If y’all can’t make it, purchase both shoes and collars by visiting Must Have Shoes.

Alcyone Plantation Wedding

Jessica & Joseph were married at Alcyone Plantation in Lake Park, G.A. near the Florida border on in this blessed year of our Lord. Their day was truly adorned in Southern elegance. From the lace details on Jessica’s dress right down to the Mason jars on the table…this was a perfect wedding in the Deep South.

The wedding party at Alcyone Plantation

Alcyone Plantation is a beautiful Antebellum mansion built in the 1850s and the house still has its original architectural features. Blume Photography did an excellent job capturing the natural Florida sunlight in their wedding day portraits. The Southern setting lent itself to aesthetics thanks to the plantation’s founders.

Joseph & Jessica glow in new marital bliss on their wedding day.

“Mr. Stapler and his wife, Caroline, had six children. Tradition says that John R. Stapler planted an oak tree in the front yard for each child and the six original oak trees still exist today. More magnificent oaks have been added through the years creating a picturesque canopy welcoming friends and guest to the main house.” Don’t these newlyweds look stunning beneath these same oak trees?

Y’all the truth is that it’s not about the house: it’s the memories made inside. This modern, Southern couple was sure to preserve the aesthetics of elegance and grace on their wedding day which made it albeit an homage to the Stapler family themselves.