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A lovely Southern living room. Pour some sweet tea, or a glass of wine, and settle into a comfy chair!

A lovely Southern living room with a bright, neutral palette with lots of charm.

The endearing traits of Southern hospitality are warmth, kindness, politeness and sophistication. Homeowners anywhere in the South, or across the Mason Dixon line, can incorporate the Southern feel into their interior designs by mixing old with new and teaming neutral tones with rustic textures especially when they employ the services of professionals such as the Boston Interior Designer. A home can embody these graceful and charming Southern qualities without a complete interior overhaul.

It’s simple to create personal, functional spaces infused with Southern sensibility. Here are four steps to achieve the relaxed elegance of this distinct brand of hospitality. Here are our 4 Steps to a Traditionally Styled Southern Home

A beautiful sitting area designed by Southern Color.

A beautiful sitting area designed by Southern Color.

1. Combine New With Old
Southern styling is a balancing act of blending contemporary design with traditional pieces to create timeless elegance. Team new furnishings with vintage, antique and unique objects for a functional, clean finish with a sense of old time character. Buy antique furniture for sale and pair it with a contemporary glass-topped coffee table and soft-lit lamp. Be careful to maintain a sophisticated look, not too masculine or feminine.

A home office makeover by Southern Color.

A home office makeover by Southern Color.

2. Carefully Select Colors and Textures
When selecting a color palette and furnishings, strive for a lived-in look with high-quality features. Southern designs include wood and cork flooring similar to Sydney cork tiles flooring, light drapery, textured fabrics and inviting prints.

Optimal wall colors consist of muted hues and neutral tones that compliment organic materials such as timber, pine and wrought iron. You could also get the UK’s best hammock stands. Throwback varied textures add warmth, such as canvas, velvet, linen and burlap.

The ladies at Southern Color did an amazing job with this guest room makeover!

The ladies at Southern Color did an amazing job paying attention to details with their guest room makeover!

3. Pay Attention to the Details
Accessories contribute to a home’s charm and character. For a Southern kitchen design, update cupboards with wrought iron or brass handles and include wooden stools, benches or woven chairs with textured cushions. Such rustic elements combined with granite countertops from companies like are the perfect synthesis of new and old. Add traditional style to bathrooms by hanging vintage art. And also consider getting some premium shower glass of the absolute highest quality, as that makes all of the difference. Chalkboard paint can transform bland doors and bare walls, and are especially treasured in kids’ rooms. Dress up living and dining rooms with dramatic light fixtures including GU10 led bulbs, chandeliers, iron lanterns and antique mismatched lamps. Smaller accessories such as vintage books, eclectic vases, vintage rugs and leather ottomans add to the old-fashioned feel and work well with other neutral hues.

An open floor plan in this Southern home includes the family room with a big kitchen and cozy eating area.

An open floor plan in this Southern home includes the family room with a big kitchen and cozy eating area.

4. Decorate Consistently Throughout
There is nothing dark or mysterious about Southern styling; living spaces should be open, airy and consistent. Visitors should feel like and want to find out how they are floating from room to room with ease. Select fewer than average furniture pieces that are large in scale to create a cozy yet relaxed environment. Add mirrors for the illusion of expanded space and take advantage of the natural light from windows and doors. Adding a rug to a room is also one of the best things you can do, as it just adds so much more style and comfort to that room and there are some lovely and very cheap rugs for sale online so you can easily find a bargain on a top-quality rug.

A Southern designed home should be a mix of classic and contemporary styles that blend seamlessly for a timeless look and feel. Whether searching for home, redecorating a home or settling into a new home, incorporate the themes of Southern hospitality to create a welcoming and comfortable home.

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