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Imagine finding out you lost your job via the Internet. Classy, right? Well that’s just what happened to Arianne Fielder. Our favorite Pretty Southern bartender got online last night to learn from Eater Atlanta that she was out of a job at Parish. She was contracted to help the Inman Park restaurant revamp its cocktail menu, only to have her salary cut to $7 an hour (a pittance for anyone behind the bar who can’t work for tips). The restaurant is managed by the Concentrics restaurant group, and someone there had the audacity to let Eater know that Arianne was out before having the common decency to tell her first!

Here’s what we know from Arianne’s Facebook page:

“This post was put out by @concentrics to hurt me. And It did. I was so worried it would hurt my professional integrity and was so offended and blindsided that I wasn’t worthy of a face to face conversation by my own bosses who apparently were out to just humiliate me by the press. None the less @eateratlanta my job means nothing without my amazing staff who are undeservingly feeling this lash that this “firing post” put on me. I love my team that is there at parish, who has nothing to do with this foolishness. Please direct your (rightful) disgust to the people who hired and (internet fired?) me. I have grown to love that staff so much and as much as I appreciate the overwhelming support for the wrong done to me.”

Arianne is one of the best bartenders in the South. She’s paved the way for other girls to go kick ass behind the bar here in Atlanta. Her cocktails grace the menu of several leading establishments including Southern Art & Bourbon Bar, Seven Lamps, and Article 14. Her accolades include:

  • Esquire Magazine and Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Regional Winner, Atlanta 2014
  • Food and Wine Cocktail Guide 2013, 100 Best New American Bar Programs, Seven Lamps
  • Jezebel Magazine “Atlanta’s Best Bar Keep” 2013 Best Of issue
  • Atlantan Magazine Restaurant Guide 2013 “#1 Coolest Mixologist”
  • Berentzen national competition winner 2012
  • Runner up to Taste of Atlanta Bar Craft competition 2011 (pictured above)

No employer should ever think it’s right to talk to the media about releasing their employees (or contractors). This is such bad form for Concentrics. This restaurant brand helped build the empire of Richard Blais and one would think their PR team would know better.

Arianne – you go girl. There’s better times, and cocktails, waiting for you!

7 Responses to “Atlanta’s Best Bartender Gets Fired Via the Web”

    • West

      C’mon people. She has had soooo many jobs and has moved around so much by firing and or quitting. It’s getting to a point where you have to ask what is wrong. I have tons of insider info as to what goes on when “working” with her. Parish was warned not to hire her. They learned their lesson and I warn any other restaurant pitting this famed vixen to heed warning. Poison poison poison. You’re cocktails have taken you but so far. We can’t keep babying you and supporting you. Stop drinking, commit to something and keep a goddamn job for once. Atlanta, Leave that alone. There are other talents coming out of Atlanta that are responsible and worthy.

      • East

        Well that’s totally legit. Make claims about being an insider with all sorts of “knowledge” of the situation but post anonymously. Cowardly troll.

        Perhaps she isn’t willing to take shit and be treated like a workhorse/cattle.

      • Jen Raby

        Easy to hide behind the screen at 3AM and slam someone, but would you do the same using your full name?

        The fact is, no one deserves this kind of treatment. Also, Arianne is not just another bartender. She is a professional and a teacher, not just a pretty face to hand you a PBR. She had every right to demand what she is worth, and I imagine it would often be til the detriment of her take-home pay. I have been waiting tables for eight years. I would never step into any sort of management position because I would miss out big time on tips. Arianne is a leader and innovator, and I have known her to shell out her own money and take countless hours of her free time to practice her craft.

        The double standard addressed in this article is clear – it is still very difficult as woman in this industry. When a male chef, manager, bar program director, etc is demanding, that is normal. A woman taking the reigns in any way is simply not respected in the same way and it is infuriating.

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