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Southern Women

The Southern Woman from left to right, Katherine Bailess, Delaine Yates, Julia Fowler, Sheila Hawkins, & Logan Browning.

Lord have mercy! The ladies over at The Southern Women Channel have uploaded another gem to YouTube. These girls are representing the South in the best possible way. The troupe includes South Carolina natives Julia Fowler and Sheila Hawkins, Mississippi maven Katherine Bailess, Georgia girl Logan Browning, and Louisiana lady Delaine Yates.

Here at Pretty Southern, we’ve been big fans of The Southern Women Channel ever since they released their first “Sh%t Southern Women Say” in the fall of 2012. Their latest Dixie Download brings more of our favorite words only Southerners say, and even a few new jokes.

“A Southern couple and a Northern couple meet at the captain’s table on a cruise ship. The Southern lady turns to the Northern lady and says, ‘So where do y’all live at?’ The Northern lady says, ‘Where I come from we don’t end our sentences with a preposition.’ The Southern lady says, “I’m sorry…”

Watch the video below for the punchline.

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  1. Jan Peterman

    So very funny. I’m a southern woman from NC and I have watched these videos time and time again. I told my MO friends and AZ friends to check out your videos. Keep ’em coming ya’ll!

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