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The Atlanta metropolitan area is more than 132 square-miles. For local folks, this includes both ITP and OTP (or Inside/Outside The Perimeter a.k.a. Interstate 285). Thanks to our pal PT Umphress, we present to you the all-encompassing, ultimate Atlanta Bucket List. This includes 50 of the finest establishments including restaurants, bars, music venues, museums, festivals and dance halls (welcoming all types of dancing) in the A-town. PT even made this in checklist form so y’all can check it off on your adventure.

ATL Bucket List v2 (white) 2015 Atlanta Bucket List

Or, if y’all want to print the PT Umphress Atlanta Bucket List in a bolder scheme – afterall, PT himself is a bold individual – here’s the bucket list in Red & White.

ATL Bucket List v2 2015

Here’s the Bonus Round
ATL Bucket List Bonus Round v2 2015

Have any Southerner’s been to one (or all) of the locations on the Atlanta bucket list? If so – please tell us about it in the comments section below.


11 Responses to “Atlanta Bucket List”

  1. brooke leblanc

    If I recall this correctly, the beltline won’t be built until approx. 2040 and is going to be a paved road for biking, walking, ect. and is currently old railways surrounding downtown. I might be incorrect, but if I’m not, why would you include it on this list? Thanks

  2. Chris

    @Brooke: Large swaths of the beltline are already paved, decorated with local art, and teaming with people. Great addition to the list.

    @Leah: I agree that OTP should not be considered Atlanta, but most of the items on the list are ITP. All the ones I recognize are, anyway.

  3. Becca

    I’m trying to figure out if the PT you mention is the same PT I went to high school with… Anyway, I was super excited to see you posted this, because my friend and I were talking about how we wanted to experience more of Atlanta this summer!


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