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Bud Light Apple recently launched in select test markets across the U.S. We’re happy the South was one of them! As y’all know we Southerners do appreciate a sweet beer. Bud Light Apple is a welcome addition to our local beer selection. Plus it works as a great base for a cocktail!

Check out this recipe from Happy Hour Projects.


I even got mine gift-wrapped and delivered it to a friend for a brunch gathering! The hosts were tickled that we brought a new beer to sample (which I really should do more often since I’m blessed to get offers like this to promote new products). Bud Light Apple was a hit at the party.

bud light apple
Bud Light Apple would make a delicious pairing with baked apples or homemade apple butter. It’s a perfect beer for picnics, tailgating before a sports event, or even just a refreshing drink after a long day at the office. To find out if Bud Light Apple is available in your area, click here!

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