April 28, 2020 Opinion

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Editor’s note–the following is a contributed column by Andrea Walker

It’s Day _ (I’ve lost count honestly).

For the first time in weeks, I wore jeans! Holy crap. I put on my tennis shoes and got in my car and went for a ride around town. With the wind whipping through my hair and my sunglasses hiding my makeup-bare face, I thought about how a woman should feel attractive in this crazy time.

How self-care used to be about getting facials, trying on gorgeous outfits we were going to wear for a date night or work, and our usual monthly maintenance trips to the stylist.

Aside from all that, my stylish work attire still hangs neatly in my closet, almost collecting cobwebs (let’s hope not). I look down at my non-pedicure toes and try desperately to paint them over and, to be frank, I suck at it. My uneven nail polish is a testament to my embarrassment at self-care.

I’m doing good to make sure my eyebrows are still plucked and tweezed. I have to say though, my significant other does a great job at home manicures. I even offered to pay.

Also, I’m now running low on new yoga pants to wear and considered going to the nearby CVS to stock up (which reminds me, I need to see if they have toilet paper too).

How many of us just feel ugly, unkempt, and the need to feel pretty right now?

When we are out and around other people, it’s amazing the lengths we go to from a time and money effort. Those were the days huh.

I’m sure some of you are doing the whole #WFH routine such as still dressing in business attire while working at your office desk and wearing makeup during video calls, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. And if you’re not, don’t beat yourself up for the lack of “productivity.” I wore earrings during a work call recently and I wanted to pat myself on the back. That was enough for me.

In our self-isolation, our ideas around beauty have changed. Instead, we are focusing more on our minds through books and podcasts. Exercising our bodies to feel strong on the inside and out. Looking less in the mirror and more at our family and home.

Look, there’s no one judging you but you right now.

You’re beautiful even in your second-day old yoga pants, all the blemishes, wrinkles, and non-pedicure toes. You’re beautiful anyway.

Let’s face it. Pretty isn’t the new normal anymore.

And that’s okay. Take care of your mind, your soul, and the people around you. That’s truly what makes you beautiful right now.

Andrea Walker writer
Andrea Walker is a true Southern woman having been born and raised in Alabama. She received her journalism degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham and spent several years in broadcast journalism before moving into marketing. Andrea is super passionate about mental health and women’s empowerment issues. At the time of this post, she’s quarantined with her significant other in Birmingham.

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