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Meredith Biesinger is a professional educator and writer in Tupelo, Mississippi. With a great love for all things Southern, she loves to feature all the many positives of the south one word at a time! Follow Meredith on Twitter

Have you ever looked up the definition of Southern culture? Here’s the definition, according to Google: “Southerners have a very well developed culture, consisting of food, music, art, literature, and even manners that differ from the rest of America.” Isn’t it fabulous?!

In addition to our rich culture, Southerners also have a distinct and sought-after style. So, how do you create a Southern-style home? Well, it’s more than hanging up a “Welcome Y’all” sign, but it also doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive either. You’ve probably flipped through countless glossy pages of iconic Southern homes in magazines, or created a “Southern Decor” Pinterest board, and thought, “How? How do I create this?”

So, here are five, simple ways to update or create your own Southern home decor.


1. Blending Something Old With Something New

A key element of Southern style is to implement antiques. If you have a piece of furniture that has been passed down to you, make sure you make that a focal point in your home. Blending antique or older items, with modern style is a common theme in Southern homes, and easy to do! Oftentimes, that old family piece of furniture has a story behind it, which will make it a great conversation piece for you and your guests. No family heirlooms? That’s ok! Grab a friend and start scouring local antique and vintage market places…you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style, and your budget.


2. Flower Power

Inside, and outside, at any Southern home, you will find gorgeous flowers! Southerners take great pride in their landscaping and gardens. Don’t be scared to bring these flowers into your home, in a variety of ways. Floral decor can be found in wallpaper or accent chairs, in planters or pots on the front porch, or as a fresh centerpiece on a dining or kitchen table. Flowers are a simple way to add some Southern flair to your home. Grab some hydrangeas and put them by your front door, hang up some flower baskets, and start with some floral throw pillows inside, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your Southern Pinterest board dreams! If you don’t have access to fresh flowers, then try tree branches, palms, or sprays from your yard, which will instantly fill a room, and create life and character. Get creative!

pretty southern front porch flowers

3. Outdoor Space is Everything

Southern homes are known for their beautiful front porches adorned with rocking chairs or wicker furniture. However, if your home doesn’t have a front porch, there are ways to make any outdoor space a Southern space. Some simple tips to do this might be: Add a seating area, some flowers, and some cafe lights. Create a space that you find lovely, and that brings you comfort, and you’ve accomplished your own outdoor, Southern, space. Paint your front door a bright or bold hue, and don’t forget to hang a wreath!


4. Let There Be Light

The Southern homes that we all drool over tend to have a lot of natural light. If you have natural light in your home, highlight it with light and airy curtains. If your home lacks some natural lighting, don’t worry! Natural light can be created by the colors that you use in your home. A little paint will go a long way! Paint the walls light, neutral colors, or coastal colors, to best utilize the light that you have coming into your home. Also, daylight bulbs are game-changers! They will instantly lighten and brighten your home, and your mood! These are fairly quick and cost-effective ways to invite some major Southern vibes into your living space. Looking for an accent color? Try green. Green will help give your space an indoor-outdoor feel and is a common staple in Southern homes.

5. Texturize Your Space

What does that mean? Basically, add different kinds of materials or surfaces to your tabletops, or walls. An example of this is to add some baskets or materials to a hall table, or a blank wall. Other ideas include, a colorful area rug, various natural fibers, playing with patterns, and again, adding some greenery. Southern style is often described as comfortable, yet sophisticated; rooms and spaces that are described as such, usually have lots of texture.

Where to Shop?

Maybe you’re thinking that these are great ideas, but where should you to begin to look for these items? Start in your own home! Crazy, right? The truth is, all of us already have some Southern within us, meaning that somewhere in your home is an item that just needs to be fashioned a little differently. Look for any knick-knacks, baskets, plants, or pictures, and start to create your space. Check out local thrift stores, market places, and shops in your area to continue to add to your home’s decor.

Are you a DIY-er? There are several tutorials online that teach everything from front porch planter boxes, to reupholstering furniture. Grab your toolbox, (or your hot glue gun), and some burlap, and start a project or two!


Pride of Ownership

Every home is unique, and you are too. Your home should be a reflection of you, and if it is, then you’ve mastered step one of Southern decor. Southerners are proud of who they are, where they come from, and where they’re going. Blending past, with present, and eyes forward to the future is a common mantra. If you’re looking to create something that is both comfortable and charming, while telling your story… then see steps one through five above.

Whether you’re channeling the beach or your inner steel magnolia, just remember that being Southern is first a state of mind, and then let that reflect in your living space.

What’s your personal Pretty Southern style for your home? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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