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Cheers y’all! Love, Pretty Southern is edited by yours truly, Lauren Patrick (formerly Lauren Morgan). The first time I was published I was 6 years old. It was an apology note from the Big Bad Wolf to the Three Little Pigs. For real – next time you come to my house, I’ll show you the framed copy my momma gave me when I graduated from The University of Georgia. My first story is hanging next to my diploma. The best job I ever had was serving as Editor-in-Chief of UGA’s student newspaper, The Red & Black. Since graduation, I’ve bounced around the South working for awesome companies like, RaceTrac, Jezebel Magazine, Preparis, Urjanet, and Naylor Publications. I love writing, and I really love life here in Atlanta.

Here are just a few things y’all should know about Pretty Southern.

We launched in 2011 as a platform for spreading good news about the South. We’re based in Atlanta and love life below the Mason Dixon line. We’re always on the hunt for new stories – just email editor(at)

We’re not your typical bloggers. Sure we love our Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but we also feature the work of trained journalists working at media outlets from across the U.S.

Florida Gator Hate

F*** Florida

Many of our contributing writers are graduates from The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication including Katy Ruth Camp, Polina Marinova, Chelsea Cook, and many more. We’re die hard Bulldog fans, although we have a sincere appreciation for both SEC and ACC schools (especially Virginia Tech thanks to Kate Robertson). Except for Florida.
F*** Florida.

We love Sh%t Southern Women Say – these L.A. Southern Belles are a genius representation of the crazy comments and Southern-isms. Their videos have garnered millions of views, and y’all can watch their latest one “The Dixie Download”.

The Great Dana J Pretty Southern

The Great Dana J & Pretty Southern

We’re proud members of The Atlanta Press Club, The Atlanta Food Blogger Society, and The Atlanta Blogger Network. A few of the other blogs we really love include:

We get thousands of hits a month from Words Only Southerners Say and our Atlanta Bucket List available for download here. Atlanta Bucket List

Y’all might know a couple of ways to make a Southerner happy. It’s about Family, Food and Fun. You’ll find these loves in any region of America. The three F’s are especially important in the South and the reason we founded

You can see love exemplified in the weddings we write about, in the adorable photos we post of newborn babies and cute puppies. It’s about your neighbor bringing you mint from his garden so you can concoct a fresh julep. Or your lady friend who just opened her first boutique and is looking to grow her business. That’s the funny thing about the inherent grace each of us possesses (even Yankees) it’s about being thankful for the little things and trying to help each other out.

Thanks for stopping by and hope y’all have a blessed day.