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Kelley Reed, MBA is based out of San Francisco, CA and has spent ten years in the technology industry. She is a native of Rome, GA and has a passion for helping other women from rural areas reach their full potential. Kelley can be found on or at @kelleyareed on Twitter. Follow Kelley on Twitter

March 14, 2017 Featured Opinion Technology

“Are you from Texas?” Any Southerner who has moved to the Bay Area and lets their accent slip gets this question. And usually, anyone who is from the South feels very compelled to specify the exact state they choose to represent. I have to correct these folks by answering, “I’m from Georgia.” The Bay Area… Read more »

March 7, 2017 Opinion

What is it like to be Southern in Silicon Valley? Happy to be a Southern girl rocking the tech scene in San Francisco Silicon Valley is a magical place. A place that resides in the future; in the heads of brilliant ideators forced to execute products for revenue in the present. The culture and aura… Read more »