April 26, 2021 DIY Featured

Have you ever looked up the definition of Southern culture? Here’s the definition, according to Google: “Southerners have a very well developed culture, consisting of food, music, art, literature, and even manners that differ from the rest of America.” Isn’t it fabulous?! In addition to our rich culture, Southerners also have a distinct and sought-after… Read more »

June 19, 2017 DIY Featured

If you’ve never painted a cooler, you’re missing out. This is a super fun art project and awesome gift for a loved one (or yourself). After my third round, I think I have a pretty good handle on cooler painting. I heard about them all throughout college and maybe caught glimpses of girls’ painted cooler… Read more »

Southern Apple Butter
November 17, 2015 DIY Food & Drink

One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking. There’s something about plucking big, juicy apples from towering branches that brings out a childish joy in me. I always come back with a peck or more of fresh, sweet fruit that I know I’ll use for something delicious at home. Earlier this fall, I went… Read more »