September 20, 2011 Food

The new book Southern Biscuits is more than a cookbook. Written by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart, with a foreword by Terry Kay, the book explores the history of biscuits and offers great tips and tricks, accompanied by helpful photos. The text provides a wide range of interesting recipes including a ginger flavored biscuit and… Read more »

September 19, 2011 Food

Whether it is the year long anticipation leading up to pecan pie at Thanksgiving, or the near-constant presence of those oblong green spheroids that seem always underfoot in a sweltering south Georgia summer, there is something about pecans that is as Southern as sweet tea, hospitality and y’all. So when Lazy Magnolia brewery in Kiln, Miss…. Read more »

September 6, 2011 Food

Truffles Café, the upscale casual dining establishment located in Buckhead, is pleased to announce that the restaurant’s name is changing to Truffles Grill. With three South Carolina locations (two in Hilton Head and one in Bluffton) Atlanta residents have to try their newest location next to Lenox Mall. “We want our guests to know that… Read more »

August 24, 2011 Featured Food

Like many Southerners, I use the word “honey” as a term of endearment. But I love that sweet, golden delight made by bees, especially drizzled on toasted muffins and hot biscuits. Man has always enjoyed the benefits of honey. It’s a sweetener for beverages and often cooked in cakes and breads. In the South, honey… Read more »

August 9, 2011 Food

Previously I wrote about Chef Ron Eyester and his Morningside restaurant Rosebud, a well-loved and much publicized venue where many stop in for upscale comfort food for dinner or brunch. But Eyester (along with business partner Jason Chenette) owns and runs another eatery just across the street that, although it doesn’t receive as much culinary… Read more »

August 4, 2011 Food

Thanks to our friend Liz Krebs for shooting over this delicious recipe from Blisstree! Spiced Bourbon Honey Iced Tea by Elizabeth Nolan Brown! Ingredients: 6 cups water 3 (chai or India) spiced black tea bags 1 cup bourbon ⅓ cup clover honey optional: 2 sprigs lavendar, if you’ve got it handy optional: 2 teaspoons vanilla… Read more »