April 14, 2013 Food

Most Southern salads are packed full of fatty goodness. I love pasta salads slathered Duke’s mayonnaise just as much as the next gal; but, in trying to whip my body into summer-ready shape, I’m cutting back on the fats and carbs. I took my favorite ingredients from pasta salads then combined them with cannellini (or… Read more »

Check out our recipe for grilled donuts with ice cream.
April 12, 2013 Food

You bought a dozen fresh glazed donuts, and now it’s the next day and they don’t taste as good. For those folks whoever wondered what to do with leftover donuts, try this recipe for grilled donuts. Grilling your pastries then topping them with ice cream and other accompaniments is an easy and resourceful dessert solution…. Read more »

If y’all are fishing for a good brunch spot in Atlanta, get ready to be sucked in hook, line and sinker. Lure, an upscale bait shack in Midtown, has a fabulous offering from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. Executive Chef David Bradley’s creative menu features signature coastal cuisine and is a… Read more »

March 18, 2013 Featured Food

Some people turn to chocolate and ice cream when they need culinary comfort.  Others may go for a bowl of creamy soup.  But for Southerners, comfort food has a whole different meaning. It’s warm, smoky, tangy goodness with a side of gooey, cheesy delight. There is very little that a plate of barbecue and mac and cheese… Read more »

February 25, 2013 Food

In the kitchen, as in life, sometimes y’all have to take a bunch of goodness, throw it in a pot, boil, simmer, and pray for the best. That’s basically how this Pretty Southern recipe came to be; however, we had a bit of help from our pal: Chelsea Cook. As a girl on the go,… Read more »

December 31, 2012 Food

Forget Chick-Fil-A because Atlanta has a brand new option for delicious chicken…and it’s healthy for you too. Bantam and Biddy, a fast casual chicken restaurant concept from Shaun Doty (of Shaun’s and Yeah Burger fame) is now open for business in the Ansley Mall. This new Midtown establishment has the potential to be both a… Read more »