Scarlett O'Hara Eyebrows
December 9, 2014 Featured Opinion

When most people think of “Gone With the Wind,” they think of Vivien Leigh’s tiny waist, “I will never go hungry again,” the curtain dress or Clark Gable’s gorgeous self. There are so many moments that have made their marks on our minds. But when I think of “Gone With the Wind,” the first word… Read more »

November 9, 2014 Featured Opinion

Editor’s note – this article was contributed by our fabulous blogger Katy Ruth Camp. My 20s. They were very good to me, but here are 10 things I will not miss from my 20s: 1. Not knowing how to cook. Mamacita’s cookbook is now my kitchen treasure and grows everyday with new recipes. 2. Eating… Read more »

August 4, 2014 Featured Opinion

Dear reader, I needed to take a breather and just get out of town. There’s something about Atlanta in the summertime with the city’s haze, mugginess, and omnipresent traffic even if the schools are out, and it’s enough to make a girl downright claustrophobic. I decided to hit the road in honor of my 20-to-infinity… Read more »

August 21, 2013 Featured Opinion

If y’all haven’t been keeping up with the Southern blogosphere, then you missed the launch of The Bitter Southerner. One such gentleman named Chuck Reece, a writer and editor with more than 30-plus years of penmanship, was fed up with the great stories of the South going undocumented, so he set out to do just… Read more »

August 20, 2013 Featured Opinion

If there’s one thing every Southern lady has in her closet, it’s that favorite pair of faded blue jeans. Miss Kelli Eidson of Atlanta has parlayed her love of simple fashion into a new blog: Faded Blue Jeans And Pearls. As she was already doing so many fabulous things on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter, she… Read more »