September 30, 2017 Sports

Dear 8lb, 9oz smallest quarterback of the Universe and the only acceptable ruler with tiny hands,   Well howdy, Jesus! Can we get a HEAVEN YEAH! for that game last weekend?! Woo! The Dawgs are on top this season, Lordlet, and I hope it has a lot to do with our conversations! You can definitely… Read more »

UGA vs Mississippi State #UGAvsMissSt
September 23, 2017 Sports

Editor’s note: today is UGA’s first SEC matchup of the 2017 season, and blessedly we still haven’t played any teams in our division, the SEC East. Dear God, let’s make sure we get this team ready to beat the pants off Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina. No one cares about Kentucky. Now onto today’s prayer…. Read more »

Sanford Stadium UGA Athens Georgia football
September 16, 2017 Sports

Editor’s note: we’re thrilled to have Royce Smith, Jr., son of UGA All-American Royce Smith (who played for Vince Dooley) guest blog on Pretty Southern. Now onto the prayer. Let’s Go Dawgs! Dear Majestic Little Creator of Everything Holy and the rest of the stuff not related to Georgia Football, You might have heard of… Read more »

UGA vs. Notre Dame #GoDawgs #UGAvsNotreDame
September 9, 2017 Sports

Editor’s Note: every Saturday when UGA plays this football season, check out Pretty Southern for a prayer for the Bulldog Nation. Praise be! Dear 8lb, 9oz pint-sized-but-powerful little leader, I would like to take a serious moment and start the prayer by nicely asking if you could just clap-on/clap-off the hurricanes, baby ruler. Or, if… Read more »

#GoDawgs Sanford Stadium UGA Georgia Bulldogs football
September 2, 2017 Sports

Editor’s note: we’re thrilled to welcome Jenn back with her prayers for the Bulldog Nation, kicking off the 2017 season: UGA vs. App State. Dear 8lb, 9oz tiniest, smallest, most mighty little leader, Helllloooooooo, Jesus! Can you just believe it? Here we are! Together again on the holiest of holy days! Why, this is the most… Read more »

New Braves Stadium SunTrust Park Meh
April 12, 2017 Opinion Sports

Luke Skywalker conned Han Solo by promising him more wealth than Han could imagine. Han’s immortal reply was: “I don’t know kid; I can imagine quite a bit.” So, when I heard a Braves talking head during a recent exhibition game to tout the traffic and parking situation as “not nearly as bad as you… Read more »