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Sublime Donuts Serves Up Stars

On one of the coldest days of the year, Atlantans lined up outside Sublime Donuts for a chance to get served by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. To promote their new movie, Ride Along, which was filmed in Atlanta, the superstars hit the streets to promote their new film. Check out this hilarious clip of the dynamic duo proffering donuts.

Ride Along hits theaters on Jan. 17. For more information, follow them on Twitter and keep up with the conversation using #RideAlong. Here’s the official trailer, and note the beautiful shots of the Atlanta from the air, Phillips Arena, Mitdown, and beyond!

Southern Holidays Above the Mason-Dixon Line

I come from a traditional Southern family. Both of my parents were born and raised in small North Carolina towns. I was born near my dad’s hometown and raised in Atlanta. In 2006, my dad’s job moved us above the Mason-Dixon Line to the Philadelphia suburbs. It’s a different world up there, but my family keeps our Southern traditions alive year-round.

My favorite of these traditions come at Christmas time. (more…)

Clean, Ole Fashioned Hate = Georgia vs. Georgia Tech. A House Divided in Atlanta.


It’s either “Georgia vs. Tech” or “Tech vs. Georgia” depending on your preference for who comes first. For a Bulldog wife and a Yellow Jacket husband, only once a year does their marriage turn into a “house divided”. Game day the Saturday following Thanksgiving is a huge day for Georgians. It’s a battle of the britches: UGA’s silver against Georgia Tech’s gold. For the past four years, this match-up has been Georgia’s domination (c/o Coach Mark Richt) with the Bulldogs winning 11 of the last 12 games against Tech.

Tailgating behind the Varsity on game day in Atlanta

We’re looking forward to seeing what Hutson Mason is made of, and to see if the Dawgs can beat the Jackets five years in a row. With both teams having a record of 7-4 in the 2013 season, Georgia is picked to win by only a 3-point spread (according to However, if you take a look at the history of this matchup, UGA has won 63 games with Tech only winning 39 games (and five ties). It’s no wonder fans from around Georgia will flock to Atlanta to see the game this year.

Georgia Girls at Georgia Tech

Georgia Girls at Georgia Tech

Beware y’all, stay off the connector between noon – 3:30 tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 30, 2013, because if it’s anything like the matchup in 2011 then traffic will be terrible! Here are a few photos from the last time the Dawgs played at Tech.

The sign says it all...

The sign says it all…

#NoShaveNovember #GeorgiaTech

#NoShaveNovember #GeorgiaTech

Tailgate Georgia Tech Fraternity

Tailgate Georgia Tech Fraternity

London Callin’ Y’all!


Hi from London, y’all!  I’m writing from my flat in the Bethnal Green neighborhood with a lovely view of the London skyline from my window.

For the next month, I will be studying with twelve other students and three professors from Virginia Tech’s English department. We use London itself as our “text” to learn about its history, literature and architecture, and how they all tie together to give us the London we see and experience, and what lies below its skin. (more…)

‘Ut Prosim’ is a Big Event at VT

Virginia Tech’s motto is “Ut Prosim,” which is Latin for “that I may serve.” Hokie Nation lives up to this every day of every year. My favorite examples of Ut Prosim in action are our annual day of service, The Big Event, and Relay for Life. (more…)