KURIOS Cirque du Soleil
March 1, 2016 Variety

KURIOS™ – Cabinet of Curiosities – has arrived in Atlanta. This new Cirque du Soleil extravaganza is now playing at Atlantic Station from Thursday, March 3, through Sunday, March 8. Check out the trailer for KURIOS! In an alternate yet familiar past, in a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination, a… Read more »

Star Wars Jakku Battle
December 16, 2015 Variety

“There has been awakening. Have you felt it?” Full disclosure: I’m a Southern girl and a huge Star Wars nerd. When I was about 7 years old, I got to watch the first trilogy. Princess Leia became my new hero. Here was this awesome lady who was a smart, brave, and gun-slinging defender of the… Read more »

southern taste test buzzfeed
September 20, 2015 Variety

I’ll admit it – I love BuzzFeed. I’m a sucker for the creative lists with funny .gifs. Sure, the journalistic integrity of the subject matter is debatable, but the content is still funny y’all. So a hot minute ago, my sister and her boyfriend came over on a Friday night, and after a few glasses… Read more »

Matt Stafford Wedding
July 31, 2015 Variety

Y’all know we’re big Georgia Dawgs fans here at Pretty Southern, so we’re excited to share Matt Stafford’s Wedding Video – filmed by the fabulous Elysium Productions! To be an efficient and effective wedding videographer, communication is key. This means communicating with the key players in the wedding, first of which is the bride and… Read more »

Hunter S. Jones
July 7, 2015 Variety

If y’all haven’t heard of Hunter S. Jones, then check out her insane following on social media with 35,000 followers on Twitter, almost 12,000 likes on Facebook and hundreds of raving reviews on Goodreads. Pretty Southern recently sought out the acclaimed author to learn more about the secrets of her success and how she became… Read more »