June 27, 2011 Music

Defining a Southern Girl is as easy or tricky as y’all want it to be. Technically, a Southerner is any denizen below the Mason Dixon line. Where it gets complicated is attributing all the lovely qualities that make a Southern girl the best in the world. Amos Lee does a fantastic job in his song… Read more »

My mother called me a bird. Last December, 18 days after I graduated college, I flew south for winter to sweaty Santiago, Chile, where the seasons are reversed and summer was just beginning. But warm weather wasn’t the purpose of my journey. It’s winter now (in late June) and thankfully my intentions and ideas have… Read more »

Southerners are proud of their roots spanning back through eons. For Alan Stout, a native Southern gentleman, he’s translated his love of history into collecting and selling fossils. In Stout’s personal collection he also has multiple skulls belonging to Sabre tooth cats (though these are not for sale). Stout is most well-known for triceratops horns…. Read more »

June 24, 2011 Music Variety

Y’all may have heard this one before, especially if you like to shag. If not, meet “Carolina Girls” by General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board. Norman Johnson (a Southerner born in Virginia who died last year in Atlanta) teamed up in 1978, with Danny Woods and Ken Knox under the name General Johnson… Read more »

From their album “Eat A Peach” the Allman Brothers most recognizable song is arguably “Melissa”. Who was Melissa you may ask? Gregg Allman gave the history of this song’s origin to the San Luis Obispo Tribune on Nov. 30, 2006: “I wrote that song in 1967 in a place called the Evergreen Hotel in Pensacola,… Read more »

Now let, say it once all together y’all… “Awww! How cute!” Meet 1/2 Pint the Pup. At only two months old, he was hand picked to be our first Pretty Southern Puppy! Every Friday, we’ll be featuring a puppy available for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society. We’re so excited to be working with our… Read more »