pretty southern lady mississippi
May 15, 2021 Featured

Have you ever felt like you belonged somewhere else? It’s almost as if you have your real identity, and then a geographic identity? Well, for much of my life, I have been a Northerner who always wanted to be a Southerner. Born and raised in Ohio, I spent much of my time with my grandmother,… Read more »

April 26, 2021 DIY Featured

Have you ever looked up the definition of Southern culture? Here’s the definition, according to Google: “Southerners have a very well developed culture, consisting of food, music, art, literature, and even manners that differ from the rest of America.” Isn’t it fabulous?! In addition to our rich culture, Southerners also have a distinct and sought-after… Read more »

January 1, 2021 Opinion

2020 was a Year of Reckoning In the last few years, I started a fun tradition with Michelle Khouri — Founder & CEO / Executive Producer at FRQNCY Media. As we wind down the past year and roll into a new one, Michelle and I catch up to discuss a theme for the coming year…. Read more »

December 30, 2020 Opinion Politics

Georgia has always been a battleground state. The Revolutionary War started in Georgia when a couple of renegades broke into a powder magazine in Savannah in 1775. Less than 100 years later, in 1861, Georgia would secede from the same Union she helped to form. The Civil War would end with Sherman’s march from Atlanta… Read more »

August 23, 2020 Featured

Check out our first Pretty Southern script In this pandemic time when COVID has closed all the local theatres and comedy clubs, I took a virtual sketch comedy writing class with Laugh Lab. Comedian Lace Larrabee started this enterprise (check out my first standup from her inaugural class in 2017) with fellow comic and writer… Read more »

atlanta democrat women hero SHERO awards
July 30, 2020 Featured

Five dynamic women leaders from the Metro Atlanta area will be honored at the first annual SHERO Awards by the Greater Atlanta Democratic Women (GADW). Originally planned as an in-person celebration, the event will be held virtually on Friday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. EST. “Throughout their careers in business and government, these women leaders… Read more »