July 28, 2020 Featured

Our friends at Consume Media shared this footage from John Lewis filmed at the Davis Academy in 2017. The Atlanta-based production company posted this to Instagram and thanks to founder, Leo Falkenstein, for allowing us to share it with our community here on Pretty Southern. Congressman John Lewis was a true American hero and warrior… Read more »

BLM Atlanta Protest
July 9, 2020 Opinion

Editor’s Note – a brief intro to the powerful words by Quay Bowen. We connected with Quay through a marketing group on social media. After hearing her story, we asked Quay to share her experiences with our audience here at Pretty Southern. It has been edited with her approval and based on the personal history… Read more »

taste of atlanta press
June 10, 2020 Opinion

My birthday is coming up and it’s making me feel all sorts of feels. I’d hoped to have a big blow out party (dba “The Revival”) as Kevin and I are also celebrating 10 years of owning our house + 10 years of marriage this fall. I said a lot of hurtful things in the… Read more »

June 9, 2020 Art Featured

Our mission at Pretty Southern is to share stories about Southerners doing great work in our region and beyond. We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Lindsey Rogers Cook who wrote her first novel, How to Bury Your Brother, which debuted in May 2020. Full disclosure: Lindsey and I both attended from the same journalism… Read more »

Andrea Walker writer
April 28, 2020 Opinion

Editor’s note–the following is a contributed column by Andrea Walker It’s Day _ (I’ve lost count honestly). For the first time in weeks, I wore jeans! Holy crap. I put on my tennis shoes and got in my car and went for a ride around town. With the wind whipping through my hair and my… Read more »