December 31, 2012 Featured

Here’s to…well…365 days of anything goes. Perhaps all of America can agree: 2012 was a year of uncertainty. What would happen if the Republicans win the Presidency? How bad will the economy plummet if President Obama is re-elected? Why did Miley do that to her hair? And who is this Skrillex and how does his… Read more »

Forget Chick-Fil-A because Atlanta has a brand new option for delicious chicken…and it’s healthy for you too. Bantam and Biddy, a fast casual chicken restaurant concept from Shaun Doty (of Shaun’s and Yeah Burger fame) is now open for business in the Ansley Mall. This new Midtown establishment has the potential to be both a… Read more »

In the fall of 2012, Pretty Southern was privileged to interview Stephen Chbosky, author of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. This best-selling novel was translated to film this year, which the author was also able to adapt to screenplay and direct himself. “Perks” is a story of three friends coming into their own starring… Read more »

December 9, 2012 Featured

The South has turned into a modern entertainment mecca. Television shows such as Hart of Dixie, Nashville, True Blood, and yes, even Honey Boo Boo herself have drawn the eyes of the world to focus on Southern women in a new light. As it’s the mission of Pretty Southern to question what it means to… Read more »

December 6, 2012 Art

The other day, my mother-in-law presented me with a news clipping from 1991. Keep in mind y’all, this was back when The AJC was still The Atlanta Journal in the morning and The Atlanta Constitution in the afternoon. “This seemed like something Pretty Southern,” my Momma J told me when she presented me with the… Read more »

December 5, 2012 Art

“Do you know what your name means, Vivienne Grace? And why your Christian name is after my mother, Vivienne?” “Not exactly,” I admitted. “Did they not teach you Latin at that fancy Magnolia Academy?” “I took Spanish instead.” “A lot of good that will do you.” stated Grand Mere. “Well mon petite. When your mama… Read more »