December 25, 2011 Music

We’ve got your top Southern Christmas songs! Our holiday season South of the Mason Dixon line is drastically different than other parts of the U.S. as unlike our Northern kin, we can count on not having a white Christmas. There’s a strong chance it’ll be warm and today in Georgia we’ve got fat raindrops instead… Read more »

December 23, 2011 Featured

Atlanta is an up-and-coming city of luxury. New York, Miami, Los Angeles lack something, an essence only a Southern urban landscape can capture: that’s politeness. And the St. Regis in Buckhead represents the ultimate refinement this holiday season. Georgia’s only ice skating rink in a hotel is located in one of the most affluent zip… Read more »

December 20, 2011 Featured

Picture an urban sanctuary. Its sights and sounds capture the essence of relaxation in an ever-chaotic world. That’s just what a Southern shopper can find at GARDEN. Owner and proprietor Matthew Klyn has relocated GARDEN from its previous home on the Westside of Atlanta to the Shops Around Lenox located in the heart of Buckhead…. Read more »

December 19, 2011 Art

Depending on who y’all ask, Bob Ross was arguably one of America’s most talented artists. Critics may snub their nose at his wet-on-wet technique yet Mr. Ross and his legacy of television shows, classes and paintings cannot be challenged as great work. Even better: Bob Ross was born South of the Mason Dixon Line. He… Read more »

A native of South Florida, chef Micah Willix moved to Atlanta six years ago to open Ecco for Fifth Group restaurants in Midtown. After cutting his chops in the local dining scene at this notable establishment, Willix is venturing out on his own with the newly opened Latitude in Phipps Plaza. Pretty Southern was privileged… Read more »

December 13, 2011 Featured Food

There’s nothing better than someone you love serving up your favorite hot drink in bed. Be it coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even warm milk for you old school folks, who doesn’t enjoy a mug of something tasty from the comfort of a snuggle spot betwixt the sheets? This holiday season, show some love to… Read more »