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The voice of the South has been long hushed by oppression. We at have risen to tell tales of chivalry, elegance and refinement. Most importantly, this is a website about love.

We’ve had some tough times lately: war, recession, and all sorts of nasty things. There’s still a lot we have to be thankful for. We’ll learn how some folks are born into grace, fall from it, then learn to accept love back into their lives. We will not talk of religion. We will not read of material happiness. This is about the intangible things that truly make a Southerner in our modern era.

Today being a Southerner means being a lover. Beautiful, courteous, artistic, passionate, hardworking; most importantly, a soul touched by grace. As we get started there are a few things y’all need to understand about Southerners. Every one of us is charged with a missing: be iconic. What makes someone a symbol? It truly comes boils down to being a paradigm, an example of all the goodness the world has to offer.

Southerners are a people blessed with sugary graces. Because of this y’all see us smiling more than the rest of the United States. We learned early on the world will take care of itself. Carrying a carefree mind allows one to engender positivity…and we’re a smiley bunch.

Y’all might know a couple of ways to make a Southerner happy. It’s about Family, Food and Fun. You’ll find these loves in any region of America. The three F’s are especially important in the South and the reason we founded

You can see love exemplified in the weddings we write about, in the adorable photos we post of newborn babies and cute puppies. It’s about your neighbor bringing you mint from his garden so you can concoct a fresh julep. Or your lady friend who just opened her first boutique and is looking to grow her business. That’s the funny thing about the inherent grace each of us possesses (even Yankees) it’s about being thankful for the little things and trying to help each other out.

Thanks for stopping by and hope y’all have a blessed day.