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Southern girls are one of a kind! Anywhere a gal goes in the world, when she names her home state inevitably she’ll hear a flattering response.

“You’re a Georgia Peach!” the new friend might cry, or “Oooh, we’ve got a Southern Belle!” he’ll declare as his eyes glisten at the sight of this sweet thing before him.

As a race, Southern girls have become accustomed to this type of flattery. All we can do is smile, nod, and sweetly say “Thank you, sir” before continuing on our merry way. The man privileged to witness this encounter will be ever-changed by his interaction with a Southern girl.

How many songs have been dedicated to the fairest ladies in the land? There are too many to count. This week we’ll be sharing PrettySouthern’s Top Five songs about Southern girls.

To start the week off on the right note, here’s Southern Girl Song #5 by Incubus, “Southern Girl”

“You’re an exception to the rule. You’re a bonafide rarity. You’re all I ever wanted, Southern Girl. Could you want me?”

Yes, Brandon Boyd, a Southern Girl would want your handsome self, especially if you keep serenading her! Even these rockers from California recognize the amazing qualities possessed by a Southern lady.

A few notes about these gentlemen. Incubus formed in 1991 and is set to release their latest album “If Not Now, When?” on July 12. Their new single (available on iTunes) “Adolescents” is a rather ironic title track after 20 years of jamming together. The album itself showcases a level of maturity a band can only reach after being together so long.

Want to see Incubus in concert? They’re heading South of the Mason Dixon line later in September.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 in Virginia Beach, Va., @ Farm Bureau Live

Friday, Sept. 16 in Charlotte, N.C. @ Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

Saturday, Sept. 17, in Atlanta @ Verizon Wireless, Encore Park

Here’s hoping this Southern girl can see Incubus in action! If y’all have a suggestion for a Pretty Southern Song, please comment below!