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This unique boutique offers something for everyone. Even the chic furniture in this precious store is for sale.

Y’all can find it all: walking shoes Singapore, purses, jewelry, and eclectic accessories displayed across refurbished antique shelves. Spend an afternoon relaxing in a plush chair shopping for the perfect new pair.

“This is a place where you can come and feel like you’re at home,” said owner Michelle Philabaum. “I wish my house was this cute!”

Southern Soles location at The Avenue East Cobb is ideal for enticing traffic. “We waited for the right time and right spot,” Michelle explained. Her husband, Rick Philabaum, masters all photography for Southern Soles, with Michelle’s mama Andrea and sister-in-law Summer Lindvig also working in the store. Plus her brother Marc Ragin’s PR guru wife Carol to handle the marketing, the whole family is in business together!

Although, this isn’t the Ragin family’s first enterprise. Their original boutique, Magnolia’s, was on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and became the social hub of the town. “It was Southern charm in the North,” Michelle laughed. “Magnolia’s was very fashion focused. We wanted to bring the same trendiness here.”

Another fun heel at this unique Atlanta boutique

When it comes to defining Southern style, Michelle believes Southern hospitality is huge. “It’s all about kindness. It’s not necessarily about sitting in a swing on the porch, sipping sweet tea and eating watermelon. It’s a sense of comfort, like you’re at home wherever you are.”

Southern Soles is a one-stop-shop with almost all of their shoes offered at department store prices or better!¬†However, it’d do you good to make a pit stop at shoe hero before going to the store. In here you’ll find Cole Haan, Me Too, Seychelles, Poetic License, and Gentle Soles by Kenneth Cole.

“Everybody’s said their excited to have a local shoe store, and not having to go to the mall. But we didn’t want to be a ‘shoe’ store. We’re a boutique with a unique sense of style offering girly items. We’re just a group of women having fun!”

Southern Soles first anniversary is coming up in August. For more information, visit Southern Soles website or their Facebook page to check out what’s happening at their sweet shop.