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It’s Thursday which means ’tis time for another Pretty Southern song. Today’s selection was close for making our Top 5 songs about Southern girls; yet, the characters featured in these lyrics aren’t very representative gentility. This song simply rocks.

Better Than Ezra’s “Southern Thing” is a true homage to their Delta roots. This New Orleans band gives a shout out to Robert Johnson (featured as our first Pretty Southern song) for whom all Southern rock stars should build a shrine. Mr. Johnson deserves credit for those strong guitar melodies which Better Than Ezra pumps into their tunes.

Like most Southern rockers, Better Than Ezra does a fantastic job of telling stories through their music. It’s reminiscent of minstrels roaming the country side in King Arthur’s times. There’s a simple, fine art of narration and Better Than Ezra can call themselves masters. Plus only N’awlins natives could sing of a Kappa from Tulane and a Blackjack dealer on a renegade throughout the South.

“Now when they held up the bank in Mobile, they finally made it on the evening news. She’s a Georgia peach never within reach. He’s a fellow from Baton Rouge.”

We hear almost every state below the Mason Dixon line featured in “Southern Thing”. From Memphis to Mobile, N’awlins to Georgia, Better Than Ezra takes us across the South and back in just four minutes.

“Gulf breeze on the porch, Me and my honey rocking back and forth…Pretty mama come and take me by the hand. Don’t mock what you don’t understand, it’s a Southern thing!”

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