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Y’all may have heard this one before, especially if you like to shag. If not, meet “Carolina Girls” by General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board.

Norman Johnson (a Southerner born in Virginia who died last year in Atlanta) teamed up in 1978, with Danny Woods and Ken Knox under the name General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board.

In 1980, the new Chairmen founded Surfside Records, for which the group still records out of Charlotte, N.C.. In 1980, “Carolina Girls” was released and became one of the most popular songs to shag to across the Carolinas.

In an interview, Danny Woods of Chairman of the Board was asked if “Carolina girls really are the best? He replied:

“You know when I first came here (The Carolinas) there was no style. You know you had the New York girls, California girls and they all got the attention. Even songs about them. And that just made Carolina girls feel like nothing but there’s quite a difference between Carolina girls now and then. Their self esteem just magnified after that song.”

It’s the all-time favorite Carolina beach song. If you’re hittin’ the road to the beach this summer, be sure to include it on your playlist. Here at PrettySouthern, we believe all Southern girls are the best in the world, regardless of their home state. Today, this one’s for the Carolina Girls.

“Sweet Southern pearls! Sure look tough, girl I can’t get enough!”

Happy shagging!

Editor’s note: photo contributed by our favorite Florida girl, Heather McCole Williams. To view more of her art or book her for photographic work, check out Heather’s blog or their Facebook page to check out what’s happening at their sweet shop.