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Defining a Southern Girl is as easy or tricky as y’all want it to be. Technically, a Southerner is any denizen below the Mason Dixon line. Where it gets complicated is attributing all the lovely qualities that make a Southern girl the best in the world.

Amos Lee does a fantastic job in his song “Southern Girl”. He doesn’t go into specifics, but when he sings the chorus we all feel his emotions — love, adoration, and humility — in the presence of his lady.

If you try to search “southern girl definition” in Google, you’ll get results from Urban Dictionary which appear to have been written by a Carolinian. There’s references to qualities inherent in Carolina girls, but these few sentences are ubiquitous for all ladies in waiting:

“Southern hospitality runs in the family. Southern households are the most generous of them all, which makes Southern girls, the sweetest.” Amos Lee, would you agree?

“Somethin’ about a Southern Girl, makes me feel right. In a Mississippi morning she’s an angel in flight.” At PrettySouthern, we believe all states below the Mason Dixon line are created equal. What state are you from, dear reader, and what do you love most about Southern girls?

Editor’s note: photo contributed by our favorite Florida girl, Heather McCole Williams. To view more of her art or book her for photographic work, check out Heather’s blog or their Facebook page.