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Everything about Pie Shop is as sweet as the label on their “Shugah”. Mims Bledsoe is one fabulous lady resurrecting the pure art of making homemade pies. To help her at Pie Shop, she recruited Kim Keene: a pastry chef with years of experience under her cute belt.

“It was just fate.” Mims told PrettySouthern over coffee one morning. “Kim was best friends with my older sister. Who do you know better than who you grew up with?”

Mims who has a background in research; however, she loved spending time in the kitchen working with her hands. “I decided to start my own business because it was intellectually challenging,” she explained. “You don’t see homemade pies anymore.”

Our sampling of tasty treats at Pie Shop

It’s a science to create the perfect crust (which took two months to perfect). The inspiration for Pie Shop’s pastries comes from many sources, including old cookbooks which Mims collects from bookstores, thrift shops, and other random places. On the day PrettySouthern visited, we noshed on several samples including Coconut Creme, Butterscotch, Grape and Strawberry Pies plus “bites’ including a Cheesecake topped with a fresh strawberry, crispy Fried Apple, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Creme and even a Vidalia Onion with Cheddar Cheese sauce.

Pie Shop adheres to a set of standards when it comes to pie, which also coincide with Southern ideals: simplistic, rustic, unpretentious, and damn tasty. Come in here for a really warm, cozy experience and get served homemade pie.

If location is everything, then Pie Shop has got it! For those familiar with the Barmuda Triangle in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, there’s now a Bakery Triangle comprised of Henri’s, Piece of Cake and Pie Shop. Located in the same strip containing Red Door Tavern and behind the bar Churchill’s, Pie Shop will be open until 1 a.m. come July to serve pie to late night party people. Y’all know pie is good any time!

For more info on Pie Shop, check out their website or their Facebook page.