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I know that “first looks” are more of a trend than a tradition and today I want to know what your thoughts are.  The idea of the first look is that some time right before the ceremony the bride and groom get to share a quite moment together (usually only the photographer is present) before they take the big walk down the aisle.  I know some people are completely opposed to having any contact or seeing each other at all before the actual events begin, but for us it seemed like the right choice to have that little moment together.

My husband and I, and our families for that matter, never even thought about trying to avoid each other before the ceremony.  It wouldn’t have made any sense, after all of the months of hard work we had put in together planning and creating for our wedding, all those hours sifting through those wedding veils and dresses, only to leave one person stuck doing all of the work and set up that day while the other stayed hidden somewhere.  So that morning we got up early, packed our car and headed to the venue.  We worked all morning until it was time for me to run across the street for my hair and makeup appointments.  I guess that is when the “hiding” began.  He left to get ready with his groomsmen and I returned to the venue to get ready with my girls.  Between the weather and the hectic morning schedule I was all nerves that hour before the ceremony began and the only possible thing that could have calmed me down at that moment was him.

So about 10 minutes before the ceremony began our best wedding photographers in melbourne brought him upstairs to where I was getting ready, hid him around the corner, and had me head around for a first look.  It gave us a chance to see each other before the BIG moment and it was incredibly reassuring to see that we were both calm, excited, and ready to take that walk.  You are surrounded by so many people while getting ready that day, people that are excited, stressed, anxious, helpful, and hyper, but the one person you are thinking about is hidden away from you all day. Taking that moment together RIGHT before you have to stand in front of a huge crowd brings you back to the moment and reminds you of what this day is all about- you and them.

This moment for us was brief but I remember feeling giddy and surprisingly calm. Even peaceful. I knew no matter how crazy that morning was, he would be the one thing that would bring me back down to earth.  This trend may become a tradition, maybe not.  Either way, I’d love to know what you’re thoughts on a first look moment between the bride and groom. I hope more weddings try out new trends like this! And if you are looking for the perfect wedding ballrooms, you might want to click on the link to learn more!

Thank you so much for letting me share some of our special day with you!

All photos by Joey and Jessica Seawell of Veil and Bow. Need photographers for your special events? Look online for experts who provide photography Cary, NC.

Kat Kraszeski-Jackson is an art teacher, artist, and diy crafter living in Greensboro, NC. She loves sharing her favorite artists, projects, and creative inspiration here on Pretty Southern.