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Granted it’s summer but that only means it’s time to start shopping for fall fashion pieces like Spell Dress! Every SEC girl knows that football is a lot more than what happens on the field. Tailgating, camaraderie and corn-hole are just the tip of the ice berg because, believe it or not, football also has a lot to do with fashion.

While some sport game day T’s and athletic shorts, we’ve all seen the girls who dress up for the game. I was one of them. Yes, I wore black semi-formal dresses and four-inch heels to stand on bleachers for 3+ hours at Auburn games. Ah, the good old days. And if you have any kids, you can neatly place there clothes on options like a kids dressing up rail.

Post-college, this attire didn’t make sense. Did it ever? Maybe not. However, I couldn’t simply jump from dressy to casual. Instead I’ve found a happy medium – cute, semi-dressy outfits in muted game-day colors. War Eagle instead of WAR EAGLE, if you will. Does it make me less of a fan? No. If anything, I’ve decided that it makes me more of a fan (and savvy shopper) because I don’t have ‘game-day’ clothes; instead, I have funny t shirts from Australia I can wear year round.

One way I create my game-day looks is at Polyvore. Basically, it’s a site that hosts tons of shoes, tops, coats, and even mens lingerie. You can add to your favorites and/or use to create ‘sets’ of products, or outfits. Here are a few War Eagle looks I made for this upcoming fall.


Q: Ever used Polyvore?
Q: What’s your game-day look?


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