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Morningside restaurant Rosebud has been known for its upscale comfort food and locally sourced produce since it opened in its current form in the summer of 2007. But ask Chef Ron Eyester what he would call Rosebud’s most important asset, and he’ll let you know it’s more than just the food. “I think we’re a great neighborhood oasis. I think we’re a true taste of Atlanta.”

To Eyester, Rosebud is where people come to enjoy great food in a great atmosphere. “I’ve been here for a long time now… and I feel that Rosebud is definitely not just my vision, but that my vision has become a collective vision of this neighborhood. I mean, when you listen to what people want, and you see what sells, inevitably that’s how your business is going to take shape. I think it’s a true reflection of this neighborhood and a very unique place. I think it’s a place where we’re very serious about the food, but we’re more serious about having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.”

Rosebud chef and owner Ron Eyester

Mixing good food with good company is just the way Eyester wants it, but he says that not everyone sees dining that way. “I think some people—like some foodies—think that you can’t have a good time while you eat good food, that it’s not the point. [I say], why do there have to be these certain parameters guiding my dining experience? Why can’t I just rejoice in the fact I’m eating very fresh food that’s cleverly and fundamentally soundly prepared, in an environment that’s inviting and comfortable?”

To visit this true Southern dining experience yourself, take Eyester’s advice and bring a gang of friends to 1397 North Highland Avenue in Atlanta. And try the buttermilk fried chicken—it’s delicious.

For more information, call 404.347.9747 or visit Rosebud’s website

Elisabeth Parrish is a journalist and publications editor living in Atlanta. In addition to her posts on Pretty Southern, she runs the blog Love, Love, Love It! focused on awesome movies, books, music and more.