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Atlanta’s very own Josh Whitlock is a shining example of a gentleman. The best thing about Mr. Whitlock is that he’s for hire to DJ your next event!

DJ Josh Whitlock will be bringing the heat on July 21 at The NotWedding…but his game has already achieved quite a reputation. He’s been working the party scene since 2001. In the past decade he’s worked more than 100 events!

“I had always loved dancing, and knew how crucial music selection was for a great dance party.” Josh told PrettySouthern. “My friends also knew this about me, so when it came time for them all to start getting married, they asked me to DJ their weddings. I figured, I’d be going to their weddings anyway, so why not go as the DJ instead of a guest. I’m so glad those friends thought of me, or I don’t know that I would have ever considered the DJ business.”

After working weddings for 10 years, Josh has learned a thing or two about weddings. His favorite part about Southern weddings includes several things like the sweet tea, open bars, clever toasts and dancing! Josh has also witnessed some quirky wedding moments over the years.

“My most surprising/craziest song was requested by the bride and groom as their last dance song. It was ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. I played it, and thought to myself ‘No one will dance to this. They’ll all just look at me until I switch the song.’ Boy was I wrong! They waltzed around the room, and sang at the top of their lungs in opera voices. Even the Dad joined in. I’m pretty sure the movie ‘Step Brothers’ stole that song idea from that wedding.”

When it comes to exemplifying the fantastic, creative options for Southern weddings, The NotWedding will have it all! Josh has worked The NotWedding before as a DJ, including the first event in 2008 but he’s particularly excited this year about a certain secret surrounding the event. Of course, he’s been sworn to secrecy so as not to spoil the surprise!

“All I can say is that you don’t want to miss it because that’s what I’m most excited about. The girls in charge are what I like to call All-Stars. They do everything well, and they make tons of friends doing it. I’m even lucky enough to be married to one of them. Clients often ask me ‘Can I see you DJ an event before I decide to use you?’ Now instead of telling them to crash a wedding, I tell them to check me out at The NotWedding.”

For more information on book DJ Josh Whitlock, please check out his website. You can also check him out on Facebook and Twitter or you can hear him out in person at the fabulous NotWedding event at Ambient + Studio on Thursday, July 21 and tickets are available by clicking on The Not Wedding’s website!