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Vintage, rustic charm singing of sweet romance is a new theme for Southern weddings. There’s a refined elegance in using a classic, country setting for the day a true lady pledges her love to a gentile gentleman. Four Inch Fold is here to help create the magic.

New to the Southern wedding scene, Four Inch Fold is a unique vintage furniture rental company here to provide a complete aesthetic for fabulous events. At only four months old, Four Inch Fold has received a warm welcome from the wedding community and will be featured at The NotWedding!

“My love for vintage rooted from childhood when I was often given hand-me down clothes, furnishing, and accessories. I am a very visual person and decided to go into the field of architecture where I also picked up graphic design,” says Four Inch Fold proprietor Mao Thao. “To fuel my creativity beyond my daily labor of love, I started making wedding invitations for a few friends in the last couple of years – just for fun. I started following a lot of wedding blogs and stumbled upon the emerging vintage rental business. A light bulb turned on and there was no turning it off. I was immediately inspired to share my vintage passion by creating innovative ways to translate, reinvent, and redefine vintage items for our modern use.”

“The NotWedding breaks the mold of traditional bridal/wedding events, and I love the fact that the vendors’ services/products are put into action through a whole wedding ceremony and reception. It creates a more personable experience and I believe it’s the best way for guests to find inspiration for their own wedding. Moreover, they get a wide variety of inspiration from talented wedding professionals under one roof. My favorite part about Southern weddings is the laid-back atmosphere. The beauty of Southern weddings is that it can be as simple or elegant as one likes but the down-to-earth fun atmosphere is always present.”

“I don’t think you have to be born in the South to be a Southerner and I think that makes a 21st century Southerner stand apart from other eras. I have lived in Georgia for almost 9 years and adapted to a few Southern ways – except I don’t eat grits.” Mao smiles. “The South has become a growing melting pot of all sorts of people so I find it important to maintain the Southern identity through its culture such as food, entertainment, and accent.”

A lady is warm, romantic, charming and delicate, yet strong. A gentleman is mannerly, appreciates a good meal, and best of all, courageous when necessary. A lady and gentleman's individual traits compliment each other



For more information about Four Inch Fold, please check out Mao’s blog like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter! And keep an eye on Pretty Southern for photos of Mao’s work at The NotWedding!

Editor’s note: photos and artistic styling by Once Like A Spark