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This summer I started teaching a creative writing class at My Sister’s House: a shelter and personal development program for women here in Atlanta. It’s been an adventure. Each week I meet new women who are at the Atlanta Union Mission for the same reason: life.

Stuff happens we can’t control or explain. I’ve met women who have just been released from prison, a mother and daughter who needed a place to stay because they couldn’t pay rent on their apartment, and a 24-year old young lady pregnant with her fifth child.

Every time I go to work there I leave with a renewed sense of humility. In Taoism, the three jewels of the Tao represent humility, compassion, and modesty. Teaching my workshop at My Sister’s House and with the staff of the Atlanta Union Mission has been a huge lesson for me as well in those three jewels of the Tao.

A few weeks ago, I did a session with the shelter clients where I asked them to write about their dreams. One woman, Lisa Longmere, truly took me by surprise. In furthering compassion, humility and modesty through, I’d like to share Lisa’s answer with y’all. Here we go…

My Dreams

Sitting at home on a nice piece of furniture with my favorite covers after a nice day at work. My car parked in the driveway, watching my favorite shows on my floor model widescreen TV and eating seafood, popcorn, ice cream and double chocolate chip cookies on a Friday night.

Waking up with enough money in my purse to take care of bills, put gas in my car and a couple of hundreds left for my personal use.

Having my personal life all righted so that I could invite the man of my dreams over for the weekend with no problem. We’d enjoy slow dancing after a couple of drinks listening to Mary J. Blige.

I dream to to be living wise in my old age.

Lisa’s dreams are a humble message to all of us who has money in their bank account, a car in their driveway, and the ability to eat whatever they want in their own home. The women I’ve met this summer have changed my life and reminded me that grace truly means unmerited thankfulness.

If you’d like to donate to My Sister’s House or the Atlanta Union Mission, please click the link here