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Zoo Atlanta welcomed a new addition on July 21: a 6-foot-tall baby giraffe! She’s about the cutest thing to grace the South this summer! When she was born, this baby girl was already between 100 to 150 pounds and will grow to be about 600 pounds like her mama!

Born to proud parents Mona and Abu, this little girl already has a half-sister at Zoo Atlanta (Zuri) who was born in July of 2010. The Zoo held a naming party for baby Zuri last August and we’ll keep you posted to see if plans are in the works for another party for this pretty babe! Mama Mona and her baby girl giraffe are resting before joining the rest of the giraffe herd. Giraffes have one of the longest gestation periods of any mammal in the animal kingdom at 15 months! Guess we humans are pretty lucky to only have 40 weeks.

Check out the South’s newest critter! Say it with me now y’all…Awww!!!