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I accidentally created this fun party hat d.i.y. last weekend while making decorations for my friend Stacy’s birthday and I had to share it with you guys!  I was looking for paint to cover some cardboard balloon-printed party hats (from the dollar-store y’all) and saw my chalkboard spray paint that was left over from our wedding crafts.  This is the quickest, easiest party craft and wouldn’t it be so much fun for a kid’s party?  You could give them the hats and chalk and let them decorate away!  Just follow these 3 super easy steps to create your own:

1.  Take basic cardboard party hats and paint with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint, allowing each layer to dry fully.

2. Use tinsel, ribbon, or paper to decorate around the bottom and top of hat.  I used wire tinsel with colorful stars (also from the dollar store) and attached with a hot glue gun (get one from Glue Guns Direct supplier).  Just start with a drop of glue, place the beginning of your decoration, continue wrapping around the base of hat and adding a dot of hot glue every so often.   Add as much or as little as you like and then add a little more to the top of your hat.

3.  Use chalk, plain or colorful, to add an initial, name, or message to your hat.

I think it would be great to pass these out at the beginning of a party and let each guest decorate their own.  We had so much fun with ours and even wore them to the bowling alley!

Supplies:: party hats, tinsel or ribbon for decor, chalkboard paint, chalk, hot glue gun.

Kat Kraszeski-Jackson is an art teacher, artist, and diy crafter living in Greensboro, NC. She loves sharing her favorite artists, projects, and creative inspiration here on Pretty Southern.