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Thanks to our friend Liz Krebs for shooting over this delicious recipe from Blisstree! Spiced Bourbon Honey Iced Tea by Elizabeth Nolan Brown!


6 cups water
3 (chai or India) spiced black tea bags
1 cup bourbon
⅓ cup clover honey
optional: 2 sprigs lavendar, if you’ve got it handy
optional: 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a jug or pitcher with lid. Put on lid and shake it up (alternately, I guess you could stir, if that’s more your style).

Let it steep in the fridge. (I mean, obviously, you could drink it right away, but it’s better after it sits for an hour or few.)

Serve on it’s own or over ice; you may want to pour through a strainer if you used lavender, to avoid getting it in your drink.

Editor’s note: the feature photo is actually the delicious Seersucker cocktail from West Egg here in Atlanta!