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The best part about any road trip is those amazing foodie finds in the middle of nowhere. We discovered this one on the way back from a wedding in the middle-o’-nowhere Kentucky. Nestled just off exit 76 on I-75 is the town of Berea. When we were scouting those blue signs looking at food options for lunch we were thrilled at the prospect of an Amish market. This one did not disappoint.

Old Town Amish Market is the perfect lunch spot. One of their giant sandwiches is only $4 each and stacked with Boarshead freshly sliced deli meats. My roast beef with cheddar reminded me of the sandwich my grandmother would prepare when we visited her during the summer.

The sandwich counter is also where you place your dessert order for homemade ice cream.

While we were waiting on our order we scoured the market taking in the insane amount of homemade jams, preserves, jellies, pies, candies, pasta, popcorn, honey…all sourced by local vendors in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. They even offer homemade ice cream.

Along with our sandwiches, we picked up homemade tomato-basil pasta, a jar of honey that included the honeycomb, plus organic iced tea and local soda pop to wash all the goodness down. If you’re headed to Kentucky to check out the famous bourbon, y’all have got to stop here to get your base for drinking. Next time you’re on I-75 going through Kentucky, be sure to check out this place (Berea Exit 76). It’s right off the interstate with ample parking, clean bathrooms and great staff. Now this is my type of rest stop.

A gondola pyramid of homemade jams, jellies and preserves.

The perfect mint julep elixir will only set you back $1.48 (plus a lil tax)

The first thing that caught our eye were the fresh pumpkins. And only $5 each! A great start to the fall season..