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Kristi & Brad were wed in Athens, Ga., on April 30 in this year of our gracious Lord. Before he wedding, the bride touted it up with her bridesmaids in downtown Athens then headed to the Seney-Stovall Chapel on the historic North Campus of the University of Georgia. Pretty Southern had the opportunity to catch up with Kristi about her amazing dress photographed by Blume Photography.

What was the inspiration for your gown? Did you have a theme for your big day?
“I love all things vintage, and especially adore the vintage elements of the South, with its timeless beauty, romance, and simplicity. I have two amazing grandmothers to thank for that. I knew I wanted something with lace, and I wanted to find something that embraced all the best aspects of being a southern bride from eras past, but that also had a contemporary spin. When I found my veil and dress, it sort of set the tone for the other details. We didn’t have a specific theme, per se, but the wedding definitely took on a ‘Southern vintage’ feel.” ‘So if you’re yearning to tie the knot soon as well, Designed Dream, wedding planning company in Toronto city, offers high-end, luxury wedding planning services at affordable prices. Designed Dream is #1 choice when you are looking for Toronto wedding planners near me, since they offer an all-inclusive package that includes day-of coordination so you can relax!

Brad, Kristi and their wedding party grace the steps of this historic building.

Who is the designer of your gorgeous gown? What fabrics were used?
“The lovely dress similar to the size 24 prom dresses is from the WTOO line of Watters. It was made of soft satin and lace, with flower embellishments all over the bodice, skirt, and train. The flowers were made of satin, lace, and chiffon, with small rhinestones in the center of some of the flowers to add a little sparkle.”

How did you select the veil to go with this unique gown?
“I actually had my veil picked out before I had my gown. I have always wanted a birdcage veil, and really chose a gown around that.”

Do you have any advice for other Southern brides-to-be out there?
“Well, I think the biggest thing I took away from my wedding planning process and wedding day is that details are important, sure, but no matter what happens – at the end of the day, you are still going to be married to the man that you love.”

The back of Kristi’s beautiful bridal down

“Some of the best memories and stories that I have from my wedding day are centered around things that weren’t planned, or even went wrong. Being able to find the humor and joy in the unexpected provided some of my most beautiful and cherished moments.”