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A native of South Florida, chef Micah Willix moved to Atlanta six years ago to open Ecco for Fifth Group restaurants in Midtown. After cutting his chops in the local dining scene at this notable establishment, Willix is venturing out on his own with the newly opened Latitude in Phipps Plaza. Pretty Southern was privileged to catch up with this busy entrepreneur

What’s the concept behind Latitude? How did you choose the name?

We wanted a name that brought to mind the global concept of food and drink that we will offer our diners. Latitude represents procuring the best cuisine, dishes, and ingredients from around the world and then presenting them to our guests.

The menu seems to highlight a lot of cultural, global-fusion offerings – where did you get your inspiration?

At Latitude I will continue to honor my commitment to utilizing only the finest-quality ingredients but I will be doing so on a broader scale as I begin to incorporate a wider range of flavors to create a more globally inspired menu.

Pan-fried pork chop with artichoke confit, tomato and oregano paired with a tall glass of fine wine.

What excites you most about your new business?

Being able to develop and introduce my own concept has always been my greatest professional aspiration. It was simply a matter of all the pieces coming together at the right time, and I am very fortunate to have great partners who are well respected within the industry working with me to bring the Latitude concept to fruition.

For more information on Latitude in Atlanta, check our the restaurant’s Web site, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @LatitudeAtlanta