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Curry and coconut milk are two ingredients ubiquitous in cooking be it in Asia, Africa, South America or whatever continent y’all live on.  Here’s how we made this classic recipe Southern-style. Our rendition of Coconut Curry Soup can be used with pretty much any vegetables. There’s nothing more Southern than using all the goodness nature gave us readily available at any farmer’s market or neighborhood grocery store. Y’all can make this concoction a few different ways and no matter what people will always ask you for the recipe (as long as you don’t overdo it on the curry).

1 package firm tofu
1 red bell pepper (chopped into 1-inch pieces)
1 zucchini (sliced length-wise then chopped in half moons)
1 cup baby carrots (chopped)
1 cup fresh spinach
1-4 green onion stems (chopped fine)
1 can Rotel with the green chilies
1 can of coconut milk
1 or 2 TBSPs red curry paste (1 for mild, 2 for medium)

Get your Crock-Pot. Drain the water from your tofu and cut the block into cubes. Place in your Crock-Pot. Add in all your chopped vegetables then cover the medley with your can of Rotel. Stir it all together then add in your can of coconut milk. Fill one of the empty cans up with water and add to the crock pot. Add in your curry paste and give the mixture a good stir. The curry paste won’t all dissolve at first but it will as your soup cooks.

Y’all can use different fresh herbs (basil or cilantro) for more flavor or if you want it spicy hot add in a chopped jalapeno. You can also add in different seasonings like soy sauce, black pepper, fish sauce or Chinese 5-Spices but it’s fine with just the coconut and curry. (Editor’s Note: in one version we used only red onion, red bell pepper, cilantro and fresh lime juice). Flip your crock pot on high for 90 minutes to 2 hours then switch to low/warm until you’re ready to eat. If you want to make this less soupy just use your coconut milk and drain all the juices from the can of Rotel. This makes up to five servings and reheats well (especially for a weekday lunch).