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No. 246 is serving up Southern hospitality this weekend for a movie starring Amy Poehler and Jessica Alba. The movie “A.C.O.D.” standing for “Adult Children of Divorce” is filming in Decatur, Ga., and No. 246 Owners Ford Fry and Drew Belline are privileged to play hosts for the movie set beginning on Sunday, March 25 until 6 p.m. on Friday, March 30. “A.C.O.D.” is a comedy about a grown man who discovers that he was enlisted in a study about divorced children many years ago. When he’s ushered into a present-day follow-up study, it wrecks new havoc on his family. The film also stars Adam Scott (who plays Poehler’s love interest on their NBC comedy “Parks & Recreation) plus his co-star from “Party Down” and recently of “Glee” fame Jane Lynch plus Mary Elizabeth Winstead (soon to be seen in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”). If you’re down in Decatur this weekend then be on the lookout for a star sighting!

Watching movies can be a great way to pass the time and entertain yourself. But it’s also a vital component of learning the art of filmmaking, to learn about it enlist in this residential summer camp. The next time you find yourself itching to do something creative. Pop in your favorite movie and grab a pen and paper. Now, really start to watch the movie. Look at the small details that make your favorite movie pop. As you watch, write down your observations or questions. Explain how these inclusions add to the movie-watching experience and further the film’s theme.

~ Melissa Libby and Mandy Betts contributed to this article