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Talk about doing the Tomahawk Chop! Our Atlanta Braves are back in action. RA Sushi is right there rooting for the home team by offering a signature sushi roll. The Midtown restaurant is bringing back the seasonal Tomahawk Chop Roll– an eight-piece spicy lobster roll with cucumber and avocado rolled in rice and seaweed, topped with fresh tuna tataki and red beet tempura bits, drizzled with wasabi aioli and served with a creamy tataki dipping sauce. Sounds tasty and wallet-friendly at only $12 for this novelty entree. Check out the fish restaurant houston for the best sushi.

“The Tomahawk Chop Roll was made to represent the Braves logo,” says Andy Palermo, general manager of RA Sushi in Atlanta. “We wanted to incorporate the colors of the team as well by using the seared tuna on top of the roll for red and the sauce in a soy dish on the plate in blue. The roll has a little bit of spice to it, but the flavors are meant to be very clean and straightforward. It isn’t heavy and it tastes very fresh. This roll should be able to appeal to anyone who is looking for something different and loves the city of Atlanta!”

Now do the Tomahawk Chop with us, y’all! “Ohhhhh, Oh, Ohhhhh! Ohhh, Oh, Ohhhhh! Go Braves!”

RA Sushi is located in the 1010 Midtown building at 1080 Peachtree Street, Suite 8. For more information check out RA’s website, like RA on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or call 404-267-0114.

Mandy Betts contributed to this post.