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Wedding season is here! Everyone loves a good party to celebrate two people in love. Although, it can get quite expensive. Between the gifts, gas to get there, and price of a hotel room if the wedding is out of town, the event can get costly for a guest. Which means there’s little money left in the budget for a pretty new dress to wear for the occasion.

Rent The Runway is here to help. Ladies, you have to join the club but it’s quick and free. After y’all fill in the basic info, you gain access to their fabulous closet of hundreds of dresses, jewelry, shoes and even handbags. They’ve got plenty of style options for any wedding for you to be the “best dressed guest.” Rent The Runway is so wallet friendly. The site offers a selection of 50 items under $50 and you order a can second dress for just an extra $25. RTR will even ship to your hotel so you won’t have to worry about packing your garments.

This Elie Tahari sheath retails for $298 and is yours for the whole weekend at $65

When selecting your dress, you have the option to choose a second size of the same dress for no extra cost. This is a great option for those of us girls teetering between sizes 4-6-8 depending on the kind of month we’ve had. There’s no need to be a model size 0 in order to use Rent The Runway.

Shipping is included and you’ll have the dress for four days. However, it’s only two days as those of us in the South as we have to account for one day of shipping the dress from Manhattan and another day to send it back. It’s still perfect for a weekend wedding. The dress arrives on Friday, the wedding is on Saturday, and you send it home on Sunday. Simple, stylish and cost-effective.

Keep up with Rent The Runway on their blog, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Have any of y’all out there enjoyed a dress from Rent The Runway? If so, how’d it go?