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Today we celebrate a sweet success with ice cream. High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbets proprietor Keith Schroeder founded the company in Halloween of 2010. Pretty Southern was lucky to catch up for an interview on the local ice cream label’s launch into grocery stores (including Whole Foods in the Southeast and most recently at The Fresh Market) plus how taking the High Road represents the values of the Southland.

Why did you choose to start an ice cream company?
As a chef, customers always seemed to love the ice creams and sorbets I made, and there seemed to be an emerging taste for adult-driven flavors. I always thought ice cream was a brilliant product – It’s structurally complex. It also happens to be challenging to make really really well. And, on a very personal level, I love ice cream, ices, sorbets, frozen things…

Chef & owner Keith Schroeder

What’s the inspiration behind the name? It was inspired by a moment when I told myself it was time to depart the corporate hotel world. I had to take the “High Road.” The second I said that out loud in my car, the song “The High Road” by the Broken Bells came on the radio. I had goosebumps. The rest is history.

How many flavors have y’all concocted? What are your favorites? We’ve developed well over a 100 flavors at this point. Personal favorites are the Limoncello Sorbet and the Brown Butter Praline.

Which flavors will be available at The Fresh Market? Bourbon Burnt Sugar, French Toast, and Vanilla Fleur de Sel.

Where else can folks sample your ice cream? Whole Foods throughout the South, The Fresh Market, or come down to check out our factory. We give free tours and tastings on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Making sweet treats at High Road Creamery’s factory.

Around Atlanta, High Road ice cream is available at Boxcar Grocer, Grant Park Coffee Shop, Cacao Atlanta, Roswell Provisions, and MetroFresh at Botanical Gardens plus many recognized restaurants and hotels throughout the city.

How would you define a Southerner in the 21st century?
Anyone that honors and respects the heritage and fabric of the South – its people, its dialects, its ingredients, and its intellect (which many outside the region miss wholly) is worthy of being recognized as a Southerner (as long as they stay).

How is High Road representative of Southern ideals? The South, and Georgia in particular, is an incredible place to launch a small business especially when you inquire from professionals such as business plan consultants. Real relationships are forged. People still say “Yes ma’am,” and “Yes sir.” Real hospitality is critical to preserve.

How would you define a lady ? She knows who she is, states it clearly, and oozes class. Same thing goes for a gentleman.

For more information on High Road creamery, check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.