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It’s a great day to be a Daddy in the South. Here at, we wanted to say thank you to all the fathers, papas, pe-paws, dads, pappys, pa’s and men who lead by example for their children. One of our favorite daddy’s in literature is Captain Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. It didn’t matter what nefarious life he’d lead before he and Scarlett had little Bonnie Blue Butler. This gentleman was willing to give his little girl everything her heart desired. Here are just a few of our favorite moments with dad over the years. Feel free to write yours below in our comments section.

Meeting Mama during fraternity rush; without which, none of us would be here today

Changing diapers…that sh*t must have stank!

Building, finding, buying the perfect Southern house to raise a family

Getting a puppy/kitten

Teaching the kids how to “shag” like they do in the Carolinas by dancing with Mom on that linoleum floor in the tiny kitchen

Coaching football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, tee-ball, handball or any other sport

Allowing us to believe in the power our dreams

Building sand castles

Driving lessons. To this day, we can only parallel park because of our dad’s!

Thanks for the braces and giving us smiles that charm every soul

Moving us into the dorms our freshman year and multiple moves in-and-out-of apartments

Breakfast at Waffle House sitting at the counter

Game Day in Athens on any given Saturday

Putting more money in our checking accounts ”just because”

Teaching us how to garden, grill, cook, clean, all the things to make a house a home.

Dad’s – y’all are the best, thank you for always providing for us, and we love you so very much.