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Some people turn to chocolate and ice cream when they need culinary comfort.  Others may go for a bowl of creamy soup.  But for Southerners, comfort food has a whole different meaning. It’s warm, smoky, tangy goodness with a side of gooey, cheesy delight. There is very little that a plate of barbecue and mac and cheese won’t fix. For Brett Wolfe, bbq edmonton is more than a dish.  It is a way to share Southern hospitality and provide a setting where families can spend quality time together.

Wolfe, a Virginia Tech alumnus and Marion, Va., native, owns Log Cabin BBQ in Blacksburg. He and his wife Jill bought the establishment in August of 2010 after they moved back to the area from Raleigh.  Log Cabin is home to Blacksburg’s best barbecue pork, as voted by the Collegiate Times’ “Best in Blacksburg” survey in 2011. The menu also includes barbecue chicken, ribs, salads and sandwiches, and mouth-watering sides like mac and cheese, baked beans, mashed potatoes, fried okra and more. Log Cabin offers catering and takeout services, which are popular on tailgate and wedding menus. Barbecue is an ideal addition to any menu.

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Roasting meat…yum!

What sets Log Cabin apart is that all food is smoked, cooked, and prepared in-house. The scent of North Carolina-style barbecue is deliciously pungent the instant you walk through the door. Although the barbecue is cooked Carolina-style, Log Cabin offers sauces to please all tastes: Lexington vinegar, sweet and smoky Eastern, South Carolina mustard, and even an Alabama white sauce. I’m an Eastern girl myself, but I can’t wait to try the Alabama sauce next time I visit Log Cabin. I’ve never had white sauce before!

Coupled with its fantastic food is a relaxed, small-town atmosphere where students can go for comfort food and locals can enjoy a tasty Sunday lunch. Log Cabin draws in loyal customers and Tuesday regulars from other local businesses.  As I stood in line during my first visit, the gentleman in front of me said it’s the “best barbecue in town, and the whole area,” and that’s what keeps him — and hundreds of other customers — coming back.

Brett & Jill Wolfe smiling outside Log Cabin BBQ

When Wolfe is not running the daily operations at the restaurant, he and Jill are involved in the community.  As avid animal lovers, the Wolfes devote time and fundraising efforts to the Humane Society of Montgomery County.  During the month of March, Log Cabin hosts a food and donation drive that benefits the Humane Society.  The money raised goes toward cancer research in companion animals, a cause the Wolfes joined after losing their beloved dog to cancer.  They also spend time volunteering at the Montgomery County Christmas Store during the holidays. Right now Log Cabin is undergoing some revamping, and soon Wolfe will introduce new menu items.  Maybe next time I eat at Log Cabin, I will order my Pick-a-Plate special with fried chicken instead of pork.

Or maybe I will give the chicken and waffles Sunday Special a try when that is launched.  No matter what I order, I know I will get the full Southern Comfort experience.  As a student away from home, sometimes all I need is a plate of barbecue soaked in smoky Eastern sauce, a cheesy pile of mac and cheese and a tall glass of sweet tea.

For more information about Log Cabin Barbecue, check out their website. While y’all are at it, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Kate Robertson is a junior at Virginia Tech, studying communication and English. Although she currently resides in the Philadelphia suburbs, Kate calls Atlanta home. After graduation, Kate hopes to return to Atlanta and work in corporate public relations. In her free time, Kate enjoys playing guitar and hand bells, reading, watching football and basketball, and sharing her love of the South through writing in any form.